A New Start and Hopefully… a New Series

20150508_175213Hey everyone! Long time no see!

After my first year of college I’m finally getting back to blogging after what I have considered quite the journey.

BUT! It’s nice to finally be back and sharing my strange and not so average experiences and wisdom.  Recently I have been getting back into the rhythm of programming and creating art, whether that be through paint, pencil, or my 18-55 mm lens.

Hopefully I will be starting a few new series and working to further develop this blog to separate it into multiple sections so that you guys can look through the articles that pertain to certain topics that you may be interested in.

I’m so excited to start this journey in my second year of college! And I’ll be sure to bring you guys along.

Thanks again! And as always….

Im Excited to see what comes next.


The wise Dennis Yu speaks words of wisdom into the ears of his stressed out student

1924865_676749569028366_394120360_nHere is just a copied conversation between Dennis Yu and one of his friends (i.e. me):

Friend: You make me cry, laugh, and be inspired in all one call.  You are the most interesting man!

Dennis: I have the most interesting friends

Friend: Called me normal, called me a jar, and then called me forth.

Dennis: the main thing is that I keep calling you

Friend: Right now, I’m not sure that marketing or business is the thing I want to do, but I still need to think through it, and no matter how I feel or what happens, I’m staying in contact with you. Understand that I’m no rhombus.  NO WAY JOSE!

Dennis: there is no such thing as marketing, business, art, finance, or any specialization

Friend: ahahhha you make me feel like I’m in the matrix

Dennis: because if you choose a function instead of a passion, you’re already in the cage…
think about it

Friend: Hmmmm

Dennis: passion focuses around PEOPLE, not functions
you don’t fall in love with being an accountant, lawyer, key grip, or whatever that’s a functional skill. that’s one step in an assembly line– one dimensional

Friend: I just want that identification though, its the whole individual, because unless I go out of my way to prove and be different, I’m not really content with who I am.

Dennis:  to be a full person, you are automatically DQ’d if you apply for a job somewhere. automatically, since it’s not a job that will fit you, any more than a random number generator will hit your social security number.

you need to create your own job– that’s the only way. anything else and you’re hoping that the random numbers of any particular job will match your unique combo. unlikely.  you don’t get to choose what you do, how you do it, who you do it with, where you are, etc…

This is somewhat of a shout out to Dennis for walking with me through this hard time, teaching me and learning with me.  You have been a blessing in my life.  I’m sure many of you reading may or may have not had the privilege of talking to Dennis, but may I say… He is one wise leader, mentor, and especially friend.

dennis the powerful

What is a college student’s best friend?

MissDimmsdale094 copy

What is a college student’s best friend?

Top ramen?



Video games?

Frat Parties?



If you guessed any of these, you’re right… Sort of…



For most college students, school is painful, difficult, and occasionally unrealistic.  I’m no different than any of these confused teens and 20 somethings in that I find the expectations unrealistic and frightening.  So you’re probably thinking what is a college student’s best friend? Escapism.  More often than not, you’ll find many Students spending the majority of their time bingeing on nasty food, seasons of Netflix TV shows, booze of every type, and the holy resource that I call caffeine.


So why is it that so many students are investing hours upon hours on these things?


Because the accountability and the learning curve is too drastic of a change from high school. Yes I’m saying it again, high school, the place that consistently used the excuse of “we’re just preparing you for college” isn’t really preparing students.  We force kids to learn many skills on a superficial level, catering to what the state suggests and not to what the student needs to grow.


In high school:

I never learned how to write a check.

I never learned how to blog and work on my personal branding.

I never learned how to pay my taxes.

I never learned how to deal with the passing of my father.

I never learned how to take a project and run with it.

I never learned how to be accountable for work.



I learned how to procrastinate to the day before.

I learned how to cram right before a test and get a B.

I learned how to be unsocial and stay with a click.

I learned how to hide my emotions.

I learned how to blame my partners for not trying their best.


You see a trend??


This is why we see so many college students spending thousands of dollars that they may or may not have, and struggle through their classes.


Ladies and gentleman, we need to motivate ourselves.




For many students that can mean rewarding oneself, using positive reinforcement, and setting goals.  It’s important to use these so that you can begin to have a direction.  These are all healthy tactics that work for me; I’ll give you an example of each.


1)   Rewarding one self: this can be as simple as promising yourself that you can grab ice cream after you finish your final. Or on every Wednesday I have five classes that take up the majority of my time, and to keep myself motivated I promise that I will go out and get a treat at the end of the day with my friends.  This can make a huge difference in the long run.

2)   Positive reinforcement: Instead of sitting around and telling yourself that you’re not going to get through that exam that professor lazy eye is giving you.  Stay positive.  This doesn’t mean not studying and walking around with a forced ignorant smile. Stay confident about yourself.  If you stay positive you will have more energy to study and succeed in your classes.

3)   Setting goals: In my English class last semester, I came into class overconfident and lazy.  I got my first paperback and boom, C.  This was the paper that I thought I had an A for sure.  The paper I spent all night working on the night before. I fixed my essay and begged my teacher to change my grade and got a B but this was when I realized I wanted an A more than anything.  I wanted to prove that my confidence wasn’t just hot air.  I set a goal and it gave me passion.  I got the A.

Now that you know a few tactics to work around the college laziness, you have no excuse to not know what to do.  So sometimes it’s ok to take part in indulgences in college but in moderation and not at the expense of your scholastics.  Understand that this is a door leading to the rest of your life. An expensive door! So seize the moment and study hard.

I’m motivated by the dream to motivate others, to put a smile on people’s faces, and to help them realize that their dreams aren’t so far away.  Thanks for reading this article and supporting me!  I do all of this for you guys.  If you’re interested in learning more about what to do as a college student check out my friend Dennis Yu’s article:



Fight the Fear!

Fear is something that infects every portion of your psyche, it can inhibit even the most basic functions.  Fear is combatable.  After the recent loss of my father I have been scared out of my mind, fearing that I couldn’t take care of myself, couldn’t take care of my mom, and couldn’t make a future for myself.  If you feel this way…



To fight fear sometimes feels like an insurmountable task.  But that’s just it, its insurmountable because of the fear.  I know it’s been said many times; but, the only thing to fear itself.  I mean how could an 18-year-old boy make his way through life after his father passes away, and his family is not financially stable? By moving head first in the right direction.  For me it meant learning from my mentor Dennis Yu and absorbing as much information as I possibly can.


Because of my headstrong attitude I have been able to experience some incredible things over this Christmas break.  Today I spent breakfast with a good family friend. We talked, made jokes at the others expense, and talked about life.  It was really good.  As I dug into my green jean eggs benedict he asked if he could have some advice. I set my fork down and raised my nose till we were at eye level.  He said he was planning on creating faith-based teachings, and a channel called Golgotha.  I found that I had learned so much over the last month, and was able to pour out tips on personal branding, targeting, and networking with people.  I had learned so much.  And he was impressed.  Spend everyday looking for best, and fight through the fear, it’s totally worth it.



Before I even begin to set why this hilarious and adorable photo was taken I need to preface a few things.  John the man in this photo is by far one of the funniest people I have ever known.  He is intelligent, a brilliant musician, and a pilot to top it off.  I see him as a role model and therefore treat him with the utmost respect.  This doesn’t mean however that we don’t enjoy making fun of each other and having a good laugh.


About three years ago I made the metaphorical leap and accepted an invitation o travel to Kenya and speak.  An outrageous moment that at the time left me shivering with fear and anticipation.  This was only the start however; little did I know that the next two months my people skills would be put to the test.  Car wash after car wash, silent auction after silent auction, and calling in every favor as a group we were able to raise around $30,000.  An achievement no doubt, but we weren’t done.  We still had to make our hilariously exhausting flight to Africa.


Fast forward far into the trip we were preparing to speak at a church and John walks up to me.  “Hey Joey” he says to me, “You should take a photo of me talking with some of the kids.”  I laughed and agreed joking and saying “who on earth would want to take a photo with you John?” He gave me a noogie, which I still remember to this day to be one of the most uncomfortable moments of the trip.  This was due to the fact that our shower was a bucket of water and a cup. We were both sweaty and uncomfortable, but it didn’t matter because we were full of joy and laughter. John then pointed out a group of local kids in the village we were staying and ran over.   The kids scattered so quick leaving one alone.  John leaned in and BOOM THE KID PULLS HIS SHIRT UP! I laughed so hard and snapped the photo.


The business world is a terrifying place for a college student!


Screenshot 2015-01-07 02.35.19The business world is a terrifying and marvelous world to most college students.  Many students can find themselves looking around with frustrated expressions and a head bursting with questions and ambitions.


Why is this happening?


It’s simply because the education system is not developing the skills needed to survive in the harsh environment that we all call, business. I know from going through the education system it’s easy to find yourself in the repetitive cycle of get assignment, procrastinate, and finish it last minute before the deadline.  THIS IS SO WRONG!


After being picked up by Portage I found immediately that it’s not about getting your assignment and creating a product that fits up to standards.  It’s all about… ready for this, DO THE BEST YOU CAN AS QUICKLY AS YOU CAN! This is what your employer is looking for, initiative.


Imagine yourself in the position of CEO (don’t get too excited).  Now imagine you have two workers.  You assign them with the same job, to knit a scarf, and have it done by the end of the week.  Now this is where the two types of workers can be seen.  There is worker one, who decides that knitting a scarf is a stupid task and procrastinates, waiting until that very last day and creating something that is basic as well as unattractive.  Then there is worker number 2; he starts as soon as he’s assigned the job and even if he may know nothing about knitting scarfs, he doesn’t whine. Instead he researches and learns until he feels confident that he can begin working.  He then works on making the best scarf he can and finishes way before the deadline.  This is the guy who gets the promotion.


More often than not we don’t realize this is us.  This is because we flood our brains with toxic phrases like: I don’t know how, I can’t, I’m busy, and I’m tired.  As soon as you begin to fill your conscience with these phrases you are almost always on the road to worker number one. Muhammad Ali used to pump himself up before every fight.  What do you do to stay proactive and hardworking?

A Bump in the Night

Just as a general rule of thumb it is always important to bring something to drown out noise.  Let me explain; this weekend my mom, girlfriend, and I went up to Lake Tahoe this last week.  My mom had asked if we could get out of the house and go somewhere.  I had responded as a stereotypical dweeb wining and wooping about how I wanted to jut sit and watch TV.  A very convincing argument for most men on break from college, that’s until the girlfriend hears she’s invited.

So as we ascended the mountain in our stuffed Subaru, the sound of yelping and chatter can be heard throughout the car.  Whether it was our morbidly obese Cheeto of a Queensland heeler, or the two woman I’m still not sure.

We reached our friend’s house and started to get settled in enjoying the idea of rest and the dream of a good nights sleep.  We watched Netflix for about an hour and then dropped down to bed.  Lights out after a few videos on youtube and then…. BANG BANG BANG!!! I had popped out of my half sleep half awake state and waited…. And waited…. Then BANG BANG…. BANG.  I stormed out of my room over to Brittanys.  I see her laying with her eyes wide open.  She shh’s me and we wait…. BANG BANG BANG!!! We looked at each other.  I was ready to perform an exorcism at this point and was in the mental condition that I started yelling at the ceiling.  Brittany had suggested that we go and check it out.  So we both walked up stairs and found the exact place it was coming from.  A game of viscerally unappealing peak-a-boo was played as we searched through the house, ending up in the living room.  There it was, a stupid random spot in the carpet.  It was the heating… No spirits… No monsters…. Just a heater that made the most revoltingly loud noise.  So we both went to our own beds.

It wasn’t till about four o’clock that I found my headphones and finally went to bed.  Thankfully Spotify was there when I needed it the most.

Everyone Has Hobbies

Ever since I was a young lad I always loved imagining myself in fantastic and terrifying places. It gave me a sense of adventure and harnessed my creativity.  I was inspired by stories that I watched and played through.  Video games and movies had this impact.  It wasn’t till I got older that I was able to truly embrace the nerdiness that came from these elements.  I was introduced to strange table top games, that at first, I cringed over.  Games like: Dungeons and Dragons, Magic The Gathering, and Warhammer 40k.  It didn’t take long for me to get fully engulfed by the narrative.  Writing has always been a passion of mine and something I love to do.  When I got to college I realized that english was not the only language I liked to write in, but also Java and C#.  It was technology that I found where my creativity and puzzle solving skills were used best. Filmis a huge part of that since I had helped develop the media department at my highschool and worked on a TV show called Titan America over the summer, landing in the credits. So yes I’m a nerd, but i’m proud of it, and trust me, I’ve got a lot to say.

A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others.

Screenshot 2014-05-06 18.19.35

And, as such, you can’t be a legitimate social marketer unless you’re freely sharing your expertise and time.
You’re on my blog because you know I have passion about a particular thing.

It keeps me up at night.
It’s what I’d do even if I weren’t paid.

My passion is what fuels my work ethic, necessary to become an expert in my field.

And so you’ll see it reflected on my blog here.
I’m part of a killer team of vertical experts, each of us freely sharing about what we love, whether it’s the NBA, aftermarket truck accessories, a favorite liquor, a local restaurant, some hobby, or a small business category.

Have you seen our leader, Alex Houg?
He is our 20 year old prodigy, who runs this operation.
He is helping folks like me get a job, be a leader to train up future leaders, and help small businesses succeed.

Screenshot 2014-05-06 18.23.22

The lion gets a heart and the scarecrow gets a brain
The title of this post is from the Wizard of Oz.
And it means that for me to be seen as an expert, I must regularly produce content worthy of that title by networking with the pros, sharing my experiences on the most widely-respected stages, and have a base on clients to demonstrate my credibility.

If you’re here, thank you!
I hope we can connect on LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, and anywhere else you’d like to collaborate.
Let me know how I can help you succeed.