A Bump in the Night

Just as a general rule of thumb it is always important to bring something to drown out noise.  Let me explain; this weekend my mom, girlfriend, and I went up to Lake Tahoe this last week.  My mom had asked if we could get out of the house and go somewhere.  I had responded as a stereotypical dweeb wining and wooping about how I wanted to jut sit and watch TV.  A very convincing argument for most men on break from college, that’s until the girlfriend hears she’s invited.

So as we ascended the mountain in our stuffed Subaru, the sound of yelping and chatter can be heard throughout the car.  Whether it was our morbidly obese Cheeto of a Queensland heeler, or the two woman I’m still not sure.

We reached our friend’s house and started to get settled in enjoying the idea of rest and the dream of a good nights sleep.  We watched Netflix for about an hour and then dropped down to bed.  Lights out after a few videos on youtube and then…. BANG BANG BANG!!! I had popped out of my half sleep half awake state and waited…. And waited…. Then BANG BANG…. BANG.  I stormed out of my room over to Brittanys.  I see her laying with her eyes wide open.  She shh’s me and we wait…. BANG BANG BANG!!! We looked at each other.  I was ready to perform an exorcism at this point and was in the mental condition that I started yelling at the ceiling.  Brittany had suggested that we go and check it out.  So we both walked up stairs and found the exact place it was coming from.  A game of viscerally unappealing peak-a-boo was played as we searched through the house, ending up in the living room.  There it was, a stupid random spot in the carpet.  It was the heating… No spirits… No monsters…. Just a heater that made the most revoltingly loud noise.  So we both went to our own beds.

It wasn’t till about four o’clock that I found my headphones and finally went to bed.  Thankfully Spotify was there when I needed it the most.

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