The business world is a terrifying place for a college student!


Screenshot 2015-01-07 02.35.19The business world is a terrifying and marvelous world to most college students.  Many students can find themselves looking around with frustrated expressions and a head bursting with questions and ambitions.


Why is this happening?


It’s simply because the education system is not developing the skills needed to survive in the harsh environment that we all call, business. I know from going through the education system it’s easy to find yourself in the repetitive cycle of get assignment, procrastinate, and finish it last minute before the deadline.  THIS IS SO WRONG!


After being picked up by Portage I found immediately that it’s not about getting your assignment and creating a product that fits up to standards.  It’s all about… ready for this, DO THE BEST YOU CAN AS QUICKLY AS YOU CAN! This is what your employer is looking for, initiative.


Imagine yourself in the position of CEO (don’t get too excited).  Now imagine you have two workers.  You assign them with the same job, to knit a scarf, and have it done by the end of the week.  Now this is where the two types of workers can be seen.  There is worker one, who decides that knitting a scarf is a stupid task and procrastinates, waiting until that very last day and creating something that is basic as well as unattractive.  Then there is worker number 2; he starts as soon as he’s assigned the job and even if he may know nothing about knitting scarfs, he doesn’t whine. Instead he researches and learns until he feels confident that he can begin working.  He then works on making the best scarf he can and finishes way before the deadline.  This is the guy who gets the promotion.


More often than not we don’t realize this is us.  This is because we flood our brains with toxic phrases like: I don’t know how, I can’t, I’m busy, and I’m tired.  As soon as you begin to fill your conscience with these phrases you are almost always on the road to worker number one. Muhammad Ali used to pump himself up before every fight.  What do you do to stay proactive and hardworking?

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