What is a college student’s best friend?

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What is a college student’s best friend?

Top ramen?



Video games?

Frat Parties?



If you guessed any of these, you’re right… Sort of…



For most college students, school is painful, difficult, and occasionally unrealistic.  I’m no different than any of these confused teens and 20 somethings in that I find the expectations unrealistic and frightening.  So you’re probably thinking what is a college student’s best friend? Escapism.  More often than not, you’ll find many Students spending the majority of their time bingeing on nasty food, seasons of Netflix TV shows, booze of every type, and the holy resource that I call caffeine.


So why is it that so many students are investing hours upon hours on these things?


Because the accountability and the learning curve is too drastic of a change from high school. Yes I’m saying it again, high school, the place that consistently used the excuse of “we’re just preparing you for college” isn’t really preparing students.  We force kids to learn many skills on a superficial level, catering to what the state suggests and not to what the student needs to grow.


In high school:

I never learned how to write a check.

I never learned how to blog and work on my personal branding.

I never learned how to pay my taxes.

I never learned how to deal with the passing of my father.

I never learned how to take a project and run with it.

I never learned how to be accountable for work.



I learned how to procrastinate to the day before.

I learned how to cram right before a test and get a B.

I learned how to be unsocial and stay with a click.

I learned how to hide my emotions.

I learned how to blame my partners for not trying their best.


You see a trend??


This is why we see so many college students spending thousands of dollars that they may or may not have, and struggle through their classes.


Ladies and gentleman, we need to motivate ourselves.




For many students that can mean rewarding oneself, using positive reinforcement, and setting goals.  It’s important to use these so that you can begin to have a direction.  These are all healthy tactics that work for me; I’ll give you an example of each.


1)   Rewarding one self: this can be as simple as promising yourself that you can grab ice cream after you finish your final. Or on every Wednesday I have five classes that take up the majority of my time, and to keep myself motivated I promise that I will go out and get a treat at the end of the day with my friends.  This can make a huge difference in the long run.

2)   Positive reinforcement: Instead of sitting around and telling yourself that you’re not going to get through that exam that professor lazy eye is giving you.  Stay positive.  This doesn’t mean not studying and walking around with a forced ignorant smile. Stay confident about yourself.  If you stay positive you will have more energy to study and succeed in your classes.

3)   Setting goals: In my English class last semester, I came into class overconfident and lazy.  I got my first paperback and boom, C.  This was the paper that I thought I had an A for sure.  The paper I spent all night working on the night before. I fixed my essay and begged my teacher to change my grade and got a B but this was when I realized I wanted an A more than anything.  I wanted to prove that my confidence wasn’t just hot air.  I set a goal and it gave me passion.  I got the A.

Now that you know a few tactics to work around the college laziness, you have no excuse to not know what to do.  So sometimes it’s ok to take part in indulgences in college but in moderation and not at the expense of your scholastics.  Understand that this is a door leading to the rest of your life. An expensive door! So seize the moment and study hard.

I’m motivated by the dream to motivate others, to put a smile on people’s faces, and to help them realize that their dreams aren’t so far away.  Thanks for reading this article and supporting me!  I do all of this for you guys.  If you’re interested in learning more about what to do as a college student check out my friend Dennis Yu’s article:



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  1. Hi Joey, love your blog I’ll have to figure out how to get to it. Anyway my son Zack always said college is a giant social experiment / you take these kids who lived w thier parents for 18 years and put them together 24/7w no adult supervision and watch what happens.

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