Fight the Fear!

Fear is something that infects every portion of your psyche, it can inhibit even the most basic functions.  Fear is combatable.  After the recent loss of my father I have been scared out of my mind, fearing that I couldn’t take care of myself, couldn’t take care of my mom, and couldn’t make a future for myself.  If you feel this way…



To fight fear sometimes feels like an insurmountable task.  But that’s just it, its insurmountable because of the fear.  I know it’s been said many times; but, the only thing to fear itself.  I mean how could an 18-year-old boy make his way through life after his father passes away, and his family is not financially stable? By moving head first in the right direction.  For me it meant learning from my mentor Dennis Yu and absorbing as much information as I possibly can.


Because of my headstrong attitude I have been able to experience some incredible things over this Christmas break.  Today I spent breakfast with a good family friend. We talked, made jokes at the others expense, and talked about life.  It was really good.  As I dug into my green jean eggs benedict he asked if he could have some advice. I set my fork down and raised my nose till we were at eye level.  He said he was planning on creating faith-based teachings, and a channel called Golgotha.  I found that I had learned so much over the last month, and was able to pour out tips on personal branding, targeting, and networking with people.  I had learned so much.  And he was impressed.  Spend everyday looking for best, and fight through the fear, it’s totally worth it.

2 thoughts on “Fight the Fear!”

  1. Joey– so brave of you to share your feelings when you father has just passed away. You’re a shining example to thousands of kids going through the same thing.

    “When you in hell, keep going!” said Winston Churchill.

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