Before I even begin to set why this hilarious and adorable photo was taken I need to preface a few things.  John the man in this photo is by far one of the funniest people I have ever known.  He is intelligent, a brilliant musician, and a pilot to top it off.  I see him as a role model and therefore treat him with the utmost respect.  This doesn’t mean however that we don’t enjoy making fun of each other and having a good laugh.


About three years ago I made the metaphorical leap and accepted an invitation o travel to Kenya and speak.  An outrageous moment that at the time left me shivering with fear and anticipation.  This was only the start however; little did I know that the next two months my people skills would be put to the test.  Car wash after car wash, silent auction after silent auction, and calling in every favor as a group we were able to raise around $30,000.  An achievement no doubt, but we weren’t done.  We still had to make our hilariously exhausting flight to Africa.


Fast forward far into the trip we were preparing to speak at a church and John walks up to me.  “Hey Joey” he says to me, “You should take a photo of me talking with some of the kids.”  I laughed and agreed joking and saying “who on earth would want to take a photo with you John?” He gave me a noogie, which I still remember to this day to be one of the most uncomfortable moments of the trip.  This was due to the fact that our shower was a bucket of water and a cup. We were both sweaty and uncomfortable, but it didn’t matter because we were full of joy and laughter. John then pointed out a group of local kids in the village we were staying and ran over.   The kids scattered so quick leaving one alone.  John leaned in and BOOM THE KID PULLS HIS SHIRT UP! I laughed so hard and snapped the photo.


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