The wise Dennis Yu speaks words of wisdom into the ears of his stressed out student

1924865_676749569028366_394120360_nHere is just a copied conversation between Dennis Yu and one of his friends (i.e. me):

Friend: You make me cry, laugh, and be inspired in all one call.  You are the most interesting man!

Dennis: I have the most interesting friends

Friend: Called me normal, called me a jar, and then called me forth.

Dennis: the main thing is that I keep calling you

Friend: Right now, I’m not sure that marketing or business is the thing I want to do, but I still need to think through it, and no matter how I feel or what happens, I’m staying in contact with you. Understand that I’m no rhombus.  NO WAY JOSE!

Dennis: there is no such thing as marketing, business, art, finance, or any specialization

Friend: ahahhha you make me feel like I’m in the matrix

Dennis: because if you choose a function instead of a passion, you’re already in the cage…
think about it

Friend: Hmmmm

Dennis: passion focuses around PEOPLE, not functions
you don’t fall in love with being an accountant, lawyer, key grip, or whatever that’s a functional skill. that’s one step in an assembly line– one dimensional

Friend: I just want that identification though, its the whole individual, because unless I go out of my way to prove and be different, I’m not really content with who I am.

Dennis:  to be a full person, you are automatically DQ’d if you apply for a job somewhere. automatically, since it’s not a job that will fit you, any more than a random number generator will hit your social security number.

you need to create your own job– that’s the only way. anything else and you’re hoping that the random numbers of any particular job will match your unique combo. unlikely.  you don’t get to choose what you do, how you do it, who you do it with, where you are, etc…

This is somewhat of a shout out to Dennis for walking with me through this hard time, teaching me and learning with me.  You have been a blessing in my life.  I’m sure many of you reading may or may have not had the privilege of talking to Dennis, but may I say… He is one wise leader, mentor, and especially friend.

dennis the powerful

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